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Using AI to enhance the training experience

Imagine completing your training role play with a partner that responds and acts like a real person. No more awkward pretending to be the other side of the conversation, only effcetive use of skills and learning outcomes. Speak to us to learn about how we can provide a suite of personalities and scenarios to enhance your current training role play.
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    Natural language and rythym

    Focus on role play in training has long been proven to reap rewards. But it is flawed. The classroom is full of people eager to learn but not equipted to play a role. Using individuals that are trying to learn a new methodology or technique, or that are unfamiliar with the context, will struggle to provide an effective counterpoint to practice new skills with. Using a bot, trained to act the part, solves this.

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    Able to handle multiple processes and complex responses

    Leveraging artificial intelligence can help. Conversational artificial intelligence allows us to provide a rigirous framework to interact with. A framework that has relevant scenarios, behaviours and learning outcomes built in.

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    Realism and accuracy of response that is not possible in traditional role play

    Students try their best to role play when asked. A chatbot is designed and built specifically to participate in effective role play. Allow students more time to practice their skills and have a record of the conversations to review in real time with the class.

We have developed a framework role play bot that is capable of running multiple scenarios with multiple personalities. Chris can be male, female, old, young, happy, sad, a customer or a crisis seeker. There are no limits to what can be developed.

Of prime importance is purpose. What is the bot being used for. Who is being trained. What skills are being reinforced. Once these things are known an effective development cycle of design, build, optimise can begin.

Speak to us to learn how we can employ a bot to assist in ensuring your training is 100% effective.

“Conversations are everything. To connect to a person in crisis you need to have the best training possible.”

Trav Mason, CEO

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